Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1955 NO. 172 >
INITIATIVE PETITIONS TO THE PEOPLE‑-LEGALITY OF VARIATIONS FROM STATUTORY FORM (1) Signature petition sheets for initiatives to the people may contain less than the traditional twenty signature lines and may contain arguments in favor of the proposal together with mailing instructions and still be
AGO 1955 NO. 173 >
WESTERN INTERSTATE COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION The enabling act, chapter 214, Laws of 1955, allowing state participation in a compact of western states respecting higher education is constitutional.                
AGO 1955 NO. 174 >
MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS ‑- CITIES OF THE 3rd CLASS ‑- ORDINANCES ‑- PUBLICATION ‑- POSTING ‑- WHEN PERMISSIBLE Ordinances of a city of the third class must be published at least once in the city's official newspaper, if there be one, and if there be no official newspaper, then in some other
AGO 1955 NO. 175 >
MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS ‑- SEWER DISTRICT ‑- POWERS ‑- SURPLUS REVENUE FINANCING ‑- CAPITAL ADDITIONS A sewer district is not empowered by the legislature, either expressly or by implication, to make payments from surplus revenues to construct an extension of the district's sewer system.  
AGO 1955 NO. 176 >
PROVISION FOR SCHOOL SITES ON PLATS OR SUBDIVISIONS Chapter 299, Laws of 1955, requires neither that the owner of property to be platted donate land for school purposes, nor that he hold such land available for public purchase; but merely that sites needed for school use be indicated before a
AGO 1955 NO. 177 >
INTERFUND LOANS ‑- STATE TREASURER Treasurer may make interfund loan with consent of state finance committee from the motor vehicle fund.                           
AGO 1955 NO. 178 >
LICENSES ‑- BASIC SCIENCES ‑- EXAMINATIONS ‑- RECIPROCITY ‑- MEDICINE, SURGERY AND OSTEOPATHY ‑- EXAMINING COMMITTEE 1. The duties of the examining committee provided for in section 3, chapter 192, Laws of 1955, are to prepare questions, conduct examinations, and grade papers of the applicants for
AGO 1955 NO. 179 >
PUBLIC MEETINGS, RIGHT OF TV, RADIO AND NEWSPAPER REPORTERS TO ATTEND WITH THEIR EQUIPMENT The public meeting statute contemplates that state and local boards, commissions and agencies must give notice of their meetings to the representatives of press, radio and television and to permit them to
AGO 1955 NO. 180 >
FIRE DISTRICTS ‑- POWERS ‑- AIRPORTS ‑- MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS A portion of a fire district may withdraw from the district and join an adjoining district, regardless of the consent of the commissioners of the district in which it is presently located, provided statutory procedure is complied with;
AGO 1955 NO. 204 >
SEARCH WARRANT ‑- FOR SEARCH OF AUTOMOBILE. Search warrant may issue to search an automobile, if applicant complies with jurisdictional steps and automobile is properly described.