Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1959 NO. 61 > Aug 21 1959
LICENSES - MOTOR VEHICLE OPERATORS - INFORMATION AUTHORIZED TO BE FURNISHED FROM DRIVER'S RECORD UNDER FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ACT. Any information contained in a motor vehicle operator's file which would be helpful in determining whether to post proof of the ability to respond in damages of a
AGO 1959 NO. 62 > Aug 24 1959
SCHOOLS - SCHOOL DISTRICTS - BOARDS OF DIRECTORS - AUTHORITY TO DETERMINE SUCH LEAVE POLICY UNDER CHAPTER 195, LAWS OF 1959. 1. Under chapter 195, Laws of 1959, a school district may grant sick leave which accumulated prior to June 11, 1959, during the 1959-60 and successive school years.  2.  A
AGO 1959 NO. 63 > Aug 27 1959
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - STATE - PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION - DETERMINATION OF MOTOR FREIGHT TARIFF. (1) The Washington Public Service Commission would not lose its jurisdiction to regulate common carriage by dump truck, if it published its tariff to erroneously designate the tariff rate for such
AGO 1959 NO. 64 > Sep 8 1959
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - STATE - WHEAT COMMISSION - LIABILITY OF STATE FOR ASSESSMENT FOR WHEAT GROWN ON PUBLIC AND SCHOOL LANDS. The State of Washington is not subject to the assessment provided for by the Washington Agricultural Enabling Act and Marketing Order for wheat grown on public and school
AGO 1959 NO. 65 > Sep 11 1959
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - COUNTY AUDITOR - STATUTORY FEES FOR FILING AND INDEXING INTERNAL REVENUE TAX LIEN NOTICES AND CERTIFICATES OF DISCHARGE. Section 6, chapter 263, Laws of 1959, prescribing the fees to be collected by the county auditors for their official services does not supersede § 1,
AGO 1959 NO. 66 > Sep 15 1959
LIBRARY - SECTION 2, CHAPTER 133, LAWS OF 1959, PROHIBITS LIBRARY BOARD MEMBERS FROM SERVING MORE THAN TWO CONSECUTIVE TERMS, INCLUDING TERMS SERVED PRIOR TO 1959. Section 2, chapter 133, Laws of 1959, prohibiting public library board members from serving more than two consecutive terms applies to
AGO 1959 NO. 67 > Sep 17 1959
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - COUNTY AUDITOR - AUTHORITY TO KEEP GENERAL INDEXES BY A CARD FILE SYSTEM AND TO USE MICROFILM OR MICROCARD SYSTEM OF RECORDING FOR CERTAIN INSTRUMENTS. (1) The general indexes required to be kept by the county auditor by RCW 65.04.050 may be kept by a card file system rather
AGO 1959 NO. 68 > Sep 21 1959
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - STATE - DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC ASSISTANCE - AUTHORITY TO PLACE CHILDREN FOR ADOPTION OR TO ACCEPT CUSTODY OF DEPENDENT OR DELINQUENT CHILDREN. The Department of Public Assistance has no authority to place children for adoption but it has authority to accept the custody of
AGO 1959 NO. 69 > Sep 23 1959
CITIES AND TOWNS - POWER TO CONDEMN EASEMENT FOR INSTALLATION OF SEWER IN STREETS OF ANOTHER CITY. A city does not have the power to condemn property of another municipality for the installation of a sewer line
AGO 1959 NO. 70 > Sep 24 1959
PENSIONS - AUTHORITY OF EMPLOYEE WELFARE AND PENSION FUNDS TO PAY BENEFITS DIRECTLY OUT OF TRUST FUND. Trustees of employee welfare and pension trust funds established by employers and labor unions and jointly administered to provide pension, injury or sickness and death benefits to employees may