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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1959 NO. 91 > Dec 22 1959
HIGHWAYS - LICENSING OF ROAD CONSTRUCTION VEHICLES. Items of road construction equipment within the definition of vehicle under RCW 46.04.670 must be licensed where such vehicles are employed for construction purposes on public highways open to public travel
AGO 1959 NO. 92 > Dec 23 1959
SCHOOLS - LIABILITY OF DISTRICT FOR INTEREST OR PENALTIES ON ASSESSMENTS LEVIED BY L.I.D. OF A WATER DISTRICT. (1) A school district is liable for the payment of interest in an assessment payable in installments and levied against its real property by utility L.I.D.created by a water district. (2)
AGO 1959 NO. 93 > Dec 30 1959
CITIES AND TOWNS - COUNCIL-MANAGER PLAN - INCREASE OF COUNCILMEN FROM FIVE TO SEVEN WHERE POPULATION INCREASES TO OVER 2,000 INHABITANTS - TIME FOR APPOINTMENT. (1) Chapter 76, Laws of 1959, imposes a mandatory duty upon a city council to appoint two additional councilmen after the population of a