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COUNTIES ‑- COLLECTION OF SOLID WASTE ‑- CONTRACTS ‑- STATE REGULATION OF COUNTY GARBAGE COLLECTION (1) Under § 3, chapter 58, Laws of 1975-76, 2nd Ex.Sess., when a comprehensive solid waste plan adopted under RCW 70.95.080 incorporates the use of transfer stations, the transportation of solid
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OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- STATE ‑- DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY ‑- WATER ‑- ISSUANCE OF LIMITED TERM WATER USE PERMITS If, in order to attain "maximum net benefits" and protect the public welfare and interest against the long range detrimental effects of a perpetual water use not so restricted, the state
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COUNTIES ‑- TAXATION ‑- FINES ‑- GAME ‑- IMPLEMENTATION OF ELECTION UNDER RCW 77.12.201 If a given county, during 1976, elects to relinquish fines and bail forfeitures for game law violations and to receive payments in lieu of property taxes instead, as provided for by RCW 77.12.201, and notice of
AGO NO. 14 >
COURTS ‑- COSTS ‑- FEES ‑- CRIMES ‑- JURY ‑- RECOUPMENT OF COSTS INCURRED IN PROSECUTION OF CONVICTED CRIMINAL DEFENDANT Under the provisions of § 1, chapter 96, Laws of 1975-76, 2nd Ex. Sess., costs incurred at public expense for the payment of appointed counsel for the defendant in a criminal
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CRIMES ‑- CAPITAL PUNISHMENT ‑- CONSTITUTIONALITY OF DEATH PENALTY ‑- INITIATIVE AND REFERENDUM ‑- ENACTMENT OF NEW DEATH PENALTY LAW (1) Recent decisions by the United States Supreme Court holding mandatory death penalty laws to be unconstitutional have rendered RCW 9A.32.046, enacted pursuant to
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OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- COUNTY ‑- TREASURER ‑- TAXATION ‑- FUNDING COSTS OF PROPERTY TAX FORECLOSURES All reasonably necessary costs of foreclosure, distraint and sale of property for delinquent taxes that can be traced by a reliable accounting method to the particular taxpayer and property
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LANDLORD AND TENANT ‑- DISCRIMINATION ‑- REAL ESTATE ‑- APPLICABILITY OF LAW AGAINST DISCRIMINATION TO SELECTION OF ROOMMATE It is not contrary to the Washington state law against discrimination, chapter 49.60 RCW, for a person to discriminate on the basis of sex, age or religion in selecting a
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TAXATION ‑- PROPERTY ‑- REMOVAL OF EXEMPTION ‑- TAXATION OF PREVIOUSLY EXEMPT PROPERTY FOR PRIOR YEARS The provisions of § 8, chapter 40, Laws of 1973, Ex.Sess., (RCW 84.36.810) do not authorize a county to collect property taxes upon the cessation of an exempt use covered by RCW 84.36.030, 84.36.
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FINES ‑- MOTOR VEHICLES ‑- VIOLATIONS OF MOTOR VEHICLE CODE ‑- COURT COSTS ‑- IMPRISONMENT (1) All traffic offenses covered by RCW 46.61.010, as amended by § 1, chapter 95, Laws of 1975-76, 2nd Ex. Sess., including those for which no term of confinement may be imposed, nevertheless constitute
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COUNTIES ‑- FAIRS ‑- FEES ‑- WAIVER OF ADMISSION CHARGES FOR ATTENDANCE Under Article VIII, § 7 of the Washington constitution it is not legal for a county which charges an admission fee for attendance at a fair conducted under RCW 36.37.010, et seq., to waive that charge for nonindigent persons