Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1949 NO. 169 > Nov 25 1949
SCHOOLS -- DISMISSAL OF TEACHER BECAUSE OF PREGNANCY It is extremely doubtful if a school district may dismiss a competent, capable, married woman teacher who has taught for some three years in such district where she asks for four months leave of absence for birth of her expected child
AGO 1949 NO. 170 > Nov 30 1949
INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE -- APPEAL COSTS Department of Labor & Industries (not new Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals) liable for all costs in connection with industrial insurance appeals
AGO 1949 NO. 171 > Dec 5 1949
WILLS -- POWER OF TESTATOR TO WILL ENTIRE COMMUNITY ESTATE -- DOCTRINE OF ELECTION -- INHERITANCE OR GIFT TAX 1. Generally, testator may not dispose of the one half interest of surviving spouse in community property by will. 2. The doctrine of election is recognized in Washington where the testator
AGO 1949 NO. 172 > Dec 5 1949
VETERANS' BONUS -- EXPENDITURES Auditor authorized to issue warrants for all necessary administration expenses in advance of sale of bonus bonds
AGO 1949 NO. 173 > Dec 6 1949
REFERENDUM OF ORDINANCE REGULATING TRAFFIC A referendum may be had in a third class city operating on the commission plan of government of an ordinance regulating traffic on a street carrying a state highway notwithstanding the approval of the ordinance by the Director of Highways
AGO 1949 NO. 174 > Dec 7 1949
SUPPLIES FOR ADMINISTRATION OF THE VETERANS' BONUS LAW The Veterans' Rehabilitation Council may be authorized by the auditor to incur expenses payable by warrant drawn upon the veterans' compensation fund for purchase of photostating materials and supplies necessary to complete applications for the
AGO 1949 NO. 175 > Dec 8 1949
STATE PARKS AND RECREATION COMMISSION -- CONTRACTS Contracts of the Parks and Recreation Commission are binding upon their successors.                                                                    - - - - - - - - - - - - -                                                                
AGO 1949 NO. 176 > Dec 9 1949
RELEASE BY PIERCE COUNTY OF POSSIBILITY OF REVERTER ON LAND DONATED TO THE UNITED STATES BY THE UNITED STATES BY THE COUNTY FOR MILITARY PURPOSES Pierce County may release land donated to the United States for military purposes from the possibility of reverter to the county in the event of a non-
AGO 1949 NO. 177 > Dec 12 1949
COUNTY ORDINANCE REQUIRING LOCAL BUTTER FAT PERCENTAGE TO BE HIGHER THAN THAT REQUIRED BY STATE LAW County may by ordinance require that all milk sold therein have a higher content of butter fat than that required under state law
AGO 1949 NO. 178 > Dec 13 1949
COUNTY COMMISSIONERS -- AUTHORITY TO CREATE POSITION OF POUNDMASTER AND PERSONS ELIGIBLE County Commissioners may by resolution or ordinance regulate animals running at large in the unincorporated areas of their respective counties and provide for the appointment of a county poundmaster. There is