Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1949 NO. 179 > Dec 13 1949
CERTIFICATES OF BRAND INSPECTION AND CERTIFICATES OF PERMIT REQUIRED FOR TRANSPORTATION OR REMOVAL OF LIVESTOCK An official certificate of brand inspection is required on all cattle, horses, mules and asses, listing such livestock by kind, color, brand or tattoo marks, for removal from the State of
AGO 1949 NO. 180 > Dec 13 1949
LIABILITY OF STATE FOR SEVERANCE PAY TO EMPLOYEES OF AN OPERATOR UNDER CONTRACT WITH THE STATE The state cannot legally reimburse an operator under contract with the state for monies paid to employees as severance pay, where such pay was not contemplated in the contract
AGO 1949 NO. 181 > Dec 14 1949
TERRITORIAL LIMITS OF TOWNS (1) The one square mile territorial limitation on towns prescribed by Rem. Rev. Stat. 8935 has not been repealed by general laws relative to annexation of territory thereby. (2) The one square mile limitation on the territory of towns may be exceeded pursuant to Rem. Rev
AGO 1949 NO. 182 > Dec 15 1949
FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FURNISHING BOND TO SECURE DUPLICATE WARRANTS Sections 11010, 11011 and 11012 Rem. Rev. Stat. do not require the furnishing of a bond by the United States Government in case of a lost or destroyed state warrant previously issued to the Federal Government before the execution of a
AGO 1949 NO. 183 > Dec 19 1949
VETERANS -- BONUS BONDS -- NEGOTIABILITY Bonds issued under the World War II veterans bonus act may be made negotiable by an act of the legislature
AGO 1949 NO. 184 > Dec 20 1949
MEMBERS OF STATE LEGISLATURE BECOMING CANDIDATES FOR ELECTIVE POSITIONS IN CITIES State law does not restrict the right of present senators and representatives from becoming candidates for elective positions in cities, but city charters might contain some restrictions
AGO 1949 NO. 185 > Dec 22 1949
WELFARE RECORDS -- CONFIDENTIAL AND PRIVILEGED The proposed rules and regulations are within the statutory authority of the department and adequately protect the confidential and privileged information from disclosure in court proceedings
AGO 1949 NO. 186 > Dec 28 1949
VETERANS' BONUS -- CHARGES FOR PHOTOSTATING OR COPYING DOCUMENTS A charge may legally be made for photostating or copying documents to be used by veterans in applying for the bonus
AGO 1949 NO. 187 > Dec 28 1949
TAXES -- THREE MILL LEVY BY METROPOLITAN PARK DISTRICTS Chapters 229, 230 and 231, Laws of 1949, do not preempt for the state the three mill tax levy authorized for Metropolitan Park District purposes until the legislature specifically so provides
AGO 1949 NO. 188 > Dec 28 1949
PUBLIC PRINTER -- PORT OF SEATTLE -- APPROPRIATIONS (1) Appropriation may be paid in kind as well as in cash. (2) Public printer may only perform work on requisition by state officials — he may not do work on requisition presented by Port of Seattle