Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1951 NO. 21 >
TAXATION ‑- EXCISES ‑- EXEMPTION ‑- DISCRIMINATION MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS ‑- EXCISE TAXES ‑- DISCRIMINATION. An excise tax levied by a city on persons distributing and selling electrical energy measured by the gross revenues from such business, but exempting from the tax revenues derived from the
AGO 1951 NO. 22 >
SCHOOL DISTRICTS ‑- TAX LEVIES. Section 1, chapter 255, Laws of 1951 has no effect upon section 37, chapter 266, Laws of 1947 and section 37 remains in full force and effect.                     
AGO 1951 NO. 23 >
AVAILABILITY OF STATE SCHOOL EQUALIZATION FUND TO COUNTIES. A county is entitled to moneys out of the state school equalization fund if the county enacts a tax upon sales of real property, and if the revenue received from such tax is insufficient to meet authorized expenditures.    
AGO 1951 NO. 24 >
LABOR AND INDUSTRIES ‑- ELECTIVE ADOPTION COVERAGE. Rem. Rev. Stat. 7679-1 does not supersede Rem. Rev. Stat. 7696, elective adoption employers and workers are entitled to the same benefits from Rem. Rev. Stat. 7679-1 as those under compulsory conversion, and the classification of the type of work
AGO 1951 NO. 25 >
CONSTABLES ‑- CLASS "A" CITIES. Constables of precincts consisting of first class cities in Class "A" counties, being limited in their official duties almost entirely to service of summonses, orders and warrants of Justices of the Peace, are not entitled to travel expenses to and from their homes
AGO 1951 NO. 26 >
COLUMBIA BASIN PROJECT ACT ‑- IRRIGATION AND RECLAMATION DISTRICTS --PLATTING, SUBDIVISION, APPRAISEMENT AND SALE OF STATE LANDS. Chapter 275, Laws of 1943, as amended by chapter 200, Laws of 1951 is constitutional and may be administered in cooperation with Federal officials under the Columbia
AGO 1951 NO. 27 >
FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICTS ‑- FIGHTING FIRES OUTSIDE THE DISTRICT. A fire protection district has no legally enforceable claim against another county or against any person or agency responsible for starting or spreading of a fire where it voluntarily goes outside its own territorial limits to
AGO 1951 NO. 28 >
VETERANS, RENT FOR POST MEETING PLACE. A veterans' post owning legal title to its regular meeting place is not entitled to rent from the County Indigent Veterans' Fund.                      
AGO 1951 NO. 29 >
INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE ‑- MEDICAL AID ‑- EMPLOYMENT OF PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON ‑- SALARY. The Department of Labor and Industries may employ a physician and surgeon to assist in administering medical aid, and such physician and surgeon may be paid from the medical aid fund.     
AGO 1951 NO. 30 >
STATE PATROL, SALARIES FOR TECHNICAL AND LINE DUTIES. A State Patrol officer, assigned as sergeant in charge of vehicle safety inspection, should be paid as a technical sergeant.