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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1951 NO. 41 >
TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS VENUE. Where a traffic offense has been committed outside the city limits of an incorporated city or town in a county other than a Class A or a first class county, the offender may be cited into the justice court at either (a) the incorporated city or town nearest to the point
AGO 1951 NO. 42 >
SOCIAL SECURITY ‑- RESPONSIBILITY OF THE DEPARTMENT IN REGARD TO LOCAL CONTROL ‑- CHILD PLACING AGENCIES, ETC. 1. It is the responsibility of the Department of Social Security to define by rule and regulation what is meant by adequate local control. 2. All hourly nurseries operated for profit are
AGO 1951 NO. 43 >
PENSION AND RETIREMENT SYSTEMS OF THE STATE AND ITS POLITICAL SUBDIVISIONS ‑- CREDIT FOR PARTIAL SERVICE RETAINED OR RESTORED. Chapter 98, Laws of 1951, authorized boards of governing bodies of the various public retirement systems in this state to preserve service credits earned by members of one
AGO 1951 NO. 44 >
TAXATION ‑- PERSONAL PROPERTY TAXES ‑- LIABILITY FOR ‑- VENDOR OR PURCHASER. Where personal property is sold during the year in which an assessment for taxes is made, and there is no agreement between the parties as to the payment of taxes, there is no authority for prorating such personal property
AGO 1951 NO. 45 >
CITIES AND TOWNS -- FIRST CLASS CITIES -- PUBLICATION OF PROPOSED CHARTERS -- TWO DAILY NEWSPAPERS. The Constitutional requirement for publication of a proposed charter will be satisfied if the city of Vancouver causes the proposed charter to be published in two daily newspapers having general
AGO 1951 NO. 46 >
FIREWORKS. Section 7, chapter 174, Laws of 1951, does not require the transportation of fireworks to the point of sale by a carrier having a license to do business within the state.  "Direct sales" as used in section 7,supra, embraces those immediate sales of fireworks from trucks, cars, etc
AGO 1951 NO. 47 >
DETERMINATION OF ELIGIBILITY OF PERSONS FOR MEDICAL ASSISTANCE UNDER SECTION 7, CHAPTER 1, LAWS OF 1951. 1. The state department of health cannot accept responsibility for providing medical service to persons not certified as eligible by the state department of social security under section 7,
AGO 1951 NO. 48 >
FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICTS ‑- EFFECT OF 1951 LAW. (1) The mere execution of a contract prior to April 1, 1951, would not take such contract out of the application of section 2, chapter 107, Laws of 1951, so as to entitle the district to levy taxes in the years 1952 and subsequent years for the
AGO 1951 NO. 49 >
OFFICE HOURS OF COUNTY CLERKS. County clerks will keep their offices open on all judicial days for the same hours as were effective prior to the passage of chapter 100, Laws of 1951.                    
AGO 1951 NO. 50 >
EXPENSES OF COUNTY FREEHOLDERS COMMITTEE. The authority of county commissioners to pay expenses of the county freeholders committee is so doubtful that the matter should be submitted to a court.