Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1951 NO. 51 >
PASCO-KENNEWICK BRIDGE. Construction of piers for the Pasco-Kennewick bridge may be accomplished from the reimbursable revolving fund and the highway department, and that fund reimbursed from the proceeds of the bond issue authorized by chapter 121, Laws of 1951, if and when such money becomes
AGO 1951 NO. 52 >
P.U.D.'S AND PUBLIC FUNDS. Public funds cannot be spent upon a P.U.D. "company picnic" nor a P.U.D. "family party."                               
AGO 1951 NO. 53 >
COUNTIES -- EMPLOYEES OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS -- LABOR UNION CONTRACTS. County commissioners may contract with representatives of their employees concerning employment conditions, hours and wages.                 
AGO 1951 NO. 54 >
CONSTITUTIONAL LAW ‑- CONSTRUCTION OF STATUTES ‑- STATUTES ‑- SUFFICIENCY OF TITLE. Chapter 236, Laws of 1951 is unconstitutional as to section 5 inasmuch as the subject of that section is not germane to, nor included in, the title. Chapter 115, Laws of 1951, complies with all constitutional
AGO 1951 NO. 55 >
COURTS:  SUPERIOR COURT CLERK'S FILING FEES. 1. It was the intention of the legislature to group transcripts of judgment and abstracts of judgment. 2. Law library and official reporters' costs are still taxable.              
AGO 1951 NO. 56 >
COURTS:  SUPERIOR COURT CLERKS' FILING FEES. (1) County clerks to collect $6.00 fee under exactly the same conditions and for exactly the same fees as they have been previously collecting the $5.00 fee. (2) The intent of section 39, chapter 139, Laws of 1951, was not to require any filing fee
AGO 1951 NO. 57 >
VETERANS ‑- LIMITATIONS OF RELIEF ACT. Relief under the Soldiers' and Sailors' Relief Act is limited to the indigent veteran, spouse and minor children.  County burials are limited to the veteran and surviving spouse.             
AGO 1951 NO. 58 >
MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS ‑- FIREMEN'S PENSION FUND ‑- TWO MILL LEVY. There being no need to secure an actuary's report on the condition of the city's firemen's pension fund unless its condition appears to show no need for the mandatory levy of one mill; there would be no occasion to incur such
AGO 1951 NO. 59 >
TAXATION ‑- REAL ESTATE SALES TAX ‑- SALES IN LIEU OF CONDEMNATION. A sale of real property or an easement for a valuable consideration, even when the sale is made and the price agreed upon under the pressure of condemnation proceedings as the alternative, is subject to the real estate sales tax
AGO 1951 NO. 60 >
CONSTITUTIONALITY OF A CITY ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING VACATIONS FOR EMPLOYEES. A city ordinance providing that a vacation is part of the compensation of an employee and that the employee may collect vacation pay upon termination of employment is constitutional.