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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1960 NO. 104 >
SCHOOLS - NONHIGH DISTRICT - EXCESS LEVY TO PARTICIPATE WITH HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT IN FINANCING SCHOOL FACILITIES. A nonhigh school district which desires to participate with a high school district in financing school facilities and which elects to secure the funds therefor by an excess tax levy
AGO 1960 NO. 105 >
SCHOOLS - DISTRICT - AUTHORITY OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS TO BAR OR EXCLUDE MARRIED STUDENTS FROM SPECIFIED SCHOOL ACTIVITIES. The board of directors of a school district may adopt reasonable rules and regulations to protect the welfare, good order, discipline and morality of pupils attending high
AGO 1960 NO. 106 >
MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS - GARBAGE - EXCLUSIVE LICENSE - AUTHORITY TO ISSUE AND PRESCRIBE THE RATES AND LICENSE FEE. (1) Second, third and fourth class municipalities may issue a license granting the exclusive right to collect and dispose of garbage within the municipality.  (2) Such a license
AGO 1960 NO. 107 >
MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS - CLAIMS - FORM OF VOUCHER - METHOD OF INCORPORATING CERTIFICATE. It is sufficient compliance with RCW 42.24.030, requiring certain certificates to be "a part of the voucher," where certificate is either stamped on or attached to the face of the vendor's invoice, which is in
AGO 1960 NO. 108 >
MOTOR VEHICLES - LICENSES - OPERATORS - AUTHORITY OF DIRECTOR OF LICENSES TO PRESCRIBE VISION QUALIFICATIONS HIGHER THAN THOSE PRESCRIBED IN RCW 46.20.050. The director of licenses may not prescribe visual acuity qualifications higher than those prescribed in RCW 46.20.050 as a condition precedent
AGO 1960 NO. 109 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - COUNTY - COUNTY COMMISSIONERS - AUTHORITY TO GRANT A FRANCHISE OVER COUNTY LANDS. The board of county commissioners does not have legal authority to grant a perpetual franchise over county lands to the Bonneville Power Administration for a power line.    
AGO 1960 NO. 110 >
ELECTIONS - MUNICIPAL OFFICERS - TERMS OF OFFICE - EFFECT OF §§ 1 AND 5, CHAPTER 86, LAWS OF 1959 (RCW 29.13.050 - 1959 SUPP.) UPON TERMS OF MUNICIPAL OFFICERS RE ELECTED [[REELECTED]]MARCH 8, 1960. The new terms of municipal officials in first class cities who were re elected [[reelected]]to their
AGO 1960 NO. 111 >
DISTRICTS - PORT - COMMISSIONERS - ORDER IN WHICH NAMES OF CANDIDATES APPEAR ON BALLOT. Names of candidates for the office of port commissioner in Class AA and Class A counties are to be arranged in the order in which their declarations for candidacy are filed.       
AGO 1960 NO. 112 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - COUNTY - COMMISSIONERS - AUTHORITY TO ENACT AN ORDINANCE ALLOWING EMPLOYEES OF THE COUNTY TO COLLECT ACCRUED VACATION UPON TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT. The board of county commissioners has the authority to adopt for the county an ordinance containing provisions similar to
AGO 1960 NO. 113 >
SCHOOLS - BOARD OF DIRECTORS - LIABILITY FOR INJURY OR DAMAGE INCURRED INCIDENT TO THE USE OF SCHOOL BUSES FOR EXTRA-CURRICULAR [[EXTRACURRICULAR]]ACTIVITIES. The board of directors of a school district is not subject to personal liability for accidents occurring out of the use of school buses