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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1960 NO. 144 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - COUNTY - COMMISSIONERS - AUTHORITY TO COMPEL PORT TO DEFRAY ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS OF REFUNDING TAXES ILLEGALLY ASSESSED AND COLLECTED. King County may not legally compel the Port of Seattle to defray the administrative costs of refunding taxes illegally assessed and collected
AGO 1960 NO. 145 >
SCHOOLS - ANIMALS - FEEDING DEMONSTRATIONS AND/OR EXPERIMENTS ON LIVE ANIMALS NOT WITHIN CHAPTER 16.52 RCW RELATING TO PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. The animal feeding demonstrations sponsored by the Washington State Dairy Council and properly conducted in the public schools do not fall within
AGO 1960 NO. 146 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - COUNTY - SHERIFF - DISPOSAL OF STOLEN PROPERTY. There is no legal procedure for the disposition of stolen tangible property which has come into the county sheriff's possession in the course of his official duties.           
AGO 1960 NO. 147 >
VETERINARIAN - CORPORATIONS - FORMATION OF BY LICENSED VETERINARIANS AND EMPLOYMENT OF BY CORPORATION. A corporation cannot practice the profession of veterinarian medicine nor can veterinarians be employed to carry on such a business for a corporation.        
AGO 1960 NO. 148 >
PENSION - FIREMEN - RIGHT TO RECEIVE MEDICAL, HOSPITAL AND NURSING CARE. RCW 41.18.060 gives the municipal firemen's pension board discretion to provide a disabled fireman with medical, hospital and nursing care as long as the disability exists.         
AGO 1960 NO. 149 >
COUNTIES - GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS - REDEMPTION BY ESTABLISHING TOLLS ON BRIDGE. The redemption of general obligation bonds issued by Whatcom county for construction of a bridge may not be accelerated by establishing tolls on the bridge during the peak traffic months.     
AGO 1960 NO. 150 >
LANDS - PUBLIC - THE CONSTITUTIONALITY OF STATUTE PROVIDING THAT LEASES AND SALES OF SCHOOL LANDS SHALL PROVIDE FOR REIMBURSEMENT TO THE STATE OF CERTAIN COSTS. The legislature may require in all leases and grazing permits for the use of public lands, and all contracts for the sale of valuable
AGO 1960 NO. 151 >
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - STATE - AERONAUTICS COMMISSION - APPROPRIATION TO CONSTRUCT TWO EMERGENCY LANDING FIELDS. 1. Funds appropriated by chapter 13, Laws of 1959, Ex. Sess., for use by the Washington state aeronautics commission to construct two emergency landing fields may not be used for the
AGO 1960 NO. 152 >
VETERANS - ELIGIBILITY FOR RELIEF UNDER CHAPTER 73.08 RCW. (1) Relief provided veterans under chapter 73.08 RCW is restricted to honorably discharged veterans.  (2) Honorably discharged veterans include those who have received either an honorable discharge or a general discharge under
AGO 1960 NO. 153 >
COUNTIES - RIVER IMPROVEMENT FUNDS - USE OF CUMULATIVE RESERVE - OBLIGATION OF FUNDS FOR FUTURE PROJECTS. (1) A cumulative reserve for specific river work in the future may not be retained out of the yearly river improvement fund levy. (2) County commissioners may not obligate future river