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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1988 NO. 21 > Oct 12 1988
CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS ‑- GIFTS AND LOANS OF PUBLIC FUNDS ‑- MORAL OBLIGATIONS  A city may not, solely on the basis of recognizing a moral obligation, reimburse another party to a lawsuit for costs and attorney fees, where the court has determined that the city has no legal
AGO 1988 NO. 22 > Oct 13 1988
ELECTRICIANS ‑- ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ‑- LICENSING  1.         One must be a licensed electrical contractor or be certified as an electrician to contract with a homeowner to install the electrical service lines on the homeowner's property, even when ownership of the service lines will revert to a
AGO 1988 NO. 23 > Oct 20 1988
JUDGES--COMMISSION ON JUDICIAL CONDUCT--CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS  1.         The Commission on Judicial Conduct is not required to make public informal admonishments of judges, unless such informal admonishments arise out of a hearing or proceeding required by law to be public. 2.         When a
AGO 1988 NO. 24 > Oct 28 1988
SHORELINES MANAGEMENT ACT ‑- SHORELANDS ‑- COUNTIES A county does not have authority, either under chapter 36.70 RCW or under article 11, section 11 of the state constitution, to impose greater restrictions on aquaculture developments located in areas designated as shorelines of statewide
AGO 1988 NO. 25 > Oct 31 1988
INITIATIVE AND REFERENDUM ‑- INITIATIVE 97 AND ALTERNATIVE MEASURE 97B ‑- AUTHORITY OF LEGISLATURE TO AMEND INITIATIVES ‑- DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY ‑- UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANKS  1.         If Initiative 97 (relating to cleanup of hazardous waste spills) is approved by the voters in the November 1988
AGO 1988 NO. 26 > Nov 1 1988
TREASURER ‑- COUNTIES ‑- CITIES ‑- PUBLIC FUNDS ‑- DELEGATION OF POWERS ‑- INVESTMENTS ‑- LETTER OF CREDIT ‑- LINE OF CREDIT ‑- DEBT LIMITATIONS  1.         When RCW 39.59.020(4) authorizes municipal treasurers to invest in " . . . any investments authorized by law for the treasurer of the state of
AGO 1988 NO. 27 > Nov 9 1988
COUNTIES ‑- COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ‑- PUBLIC OFFICER COMPENSATION ‑- MIDTERM INCREASES IN COMPENSATION The Legislature clearly intended, by amending RCW 41.04.190 in 1983, to authorize county commissioners to accept increases in health benefits on a midterm basis; the Attorney General will not
AGO 1988 NO. 28 > Nov 14 1988
MEDICINE ‑- PROFESSIONAL REGULATION ‑- OPTOMETRY  1.         An agreement between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist whereby the optometrist refers a patient to the ophthalmologist for surgery with the understanding that the referring optometrist will provide post-operative care does not violate
AGO 1988 NO. 29 > Dec 1 1988
JUDGES ‑- COMPENSATION ‑- OFFICES AND OFFICERS ‑- COUNTIES  1.         A county may lawfully eliminate its provision of medical, dental, and life insurance benefits to its superior court judges when the judges, who are also state officers, receive similar benefits from the state. 2.         Where
AGO 1988 NO. 30 > Dec 14 1988
SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE ‑- HEALTH ‑- MARRIAGE ‑- AMENDMENT ‑- LICENSES  That portion of RCW 26.04.210 which requires applicants for marriage licenses to make and file with the county an affidavit showing they are not afflicted with any contagious venereal disease is still enforceable, and was