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Bob Ferguson

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CONTRACTS - PUBLIC WORKS - INVESTMENT OF THE RETAINED PERCENTAGE OF MONEYS EARNED IN PUBLIC WORKS CONTRACTS Section 1, chapter 38, Laws of 1970, relating to the investment of the retained percentage of moneys earned in public works contracts, is not applicable to contracts which were executed prior
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TAXATION - FOREST - TAXATION OF REFORESTATION LANDS UPON REMOVAL FROM CLASSIFICATION (1) Whenever any land is removed from classification as reforestation land, RCW 84.28.065 requires the owner to pay to the county in which the land is located:  (a) A yield tax of twelve and one half percent (
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MINING - SURFACE - STATE'S PREEMPTION OF REGULATION UNDER CHAPTER 64, LAWS OF 1970 - PERMITS (1) After the effective date of chapter 64, Laws of 1970, it will not be legal to engage in surface mining in this state solely on the basis of a license or permit issued by a county, city or town without
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CITIES AND TOWNS - SEATTLE MODEL CITY PROGRAM - USE OF FEDERAL FUNDS - DONATIONS (1) The provisions of Article VIII, § 7 of the Washington Constitution, relating to gifts or loans of funds or credit by a municipality, do not apply to the expenditure by a city of federal funds which have been
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COUNTIES - SUPERVISOR OF COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES - REMOVAL BY COUNTY COMMISSIONERS The supervisor of community mental health services for a county may be removed from office by the county commissioners without the concurrence or approval of the county's community mental health program
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COUNTIES - ROADS - LIMITATIONS ON VACATION (1) Section 7, chapter 185, Laws of 1969, Ex. Sess. (RCW 36.87.130) limiting the power of a county to vacate a county road which abuts on a body of salt or fresh water, applies to a county road, a lateral edge of which touches or encroaches upon a body of
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WATER - PUBLIC LANDS - RIGHTS OF PUBLIC TO USE OF OCEAN BEACHES (1) Without regard to any other property interests or rights which the state may have, members of the public have the right to use and enjoy the wet and dry sand areas of the ocean beaches of the state of Washington by virtue of a long
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LEGISLATURE - DISTRICTS - ONE MAN ONE VOTE - REFERENDUM - GUIDELINES FOR CONGRESSIONAL AND LEGISLATIVE REDISTRICTING Congressional and legislative redistricting plans to be completed prior to 1972 general election; may be enacted by referendum bill; continuation of 99 member house of