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Bob Ferguson

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INDIANS -  COUNTIES - ZONING ORDINANCE - FEE PATENT LAND A county has the authority to enact a zoning ordinance to govern "fee patent land" located within the exterior boundaries of an Indian reservation in the state of Washington.           
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DRIVER EDUCATION ACT - MOTOR VEHICLES - DISPOSITION OF PENALTY ASSESSMENT PROCEEDS (1) Those traffic safety education penalty assessment proceeds which are collected by a justice court because of a violation of state law are to be remitted to the county treasurer for disposition in accordance with
AGO NO. 13 >
TAXATION - LOCAL OPTION SALES AND USE TAXES - INTOXICATING LIQUOR - AUTHORITY OF COUNTIES AND CITIES TO IMPOSE LOCAL SALES TAX UPON CERTAIN SALES OF LIQUOR Under the provisions of chapter 94, Laws of 1973, counties and cities of this state are authorized to impose a local sales tax upon those sales
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PLATS AND SUBDIVISIONS - ORDINANCES - CITY, TOWN OR COUNTY - TIME FOR ADOPTION - APPLICABILITY OF CHAPTER 271, LAWS OF 1969, EX. SESS., TO CERTAIN SUBDIVISIONS A subdivision of land containing no dedication and no lots or tracts smaller than five acres in size may be made subject to the provisions
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OFFICES AND OFFICERS - STATE - DIRECTOR OF FISHERIES - AUTHORITY OF DIRECTOR OF FISHERIES TO CLOSE AN AREA TO COMMERCIAL FISHING WITHOUT ALSO CLOSING TO SPORTS FISHING The director of fisheries may lawfully close a given area to commercial fishing without also closing it to sports fishing where his
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PENSIONS - LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS AND FIREFIGHTERS - COSTS OF OPERATION OF COUNTY DISABILITY BOARD - MEDICAL COVERAGE - COUNTY CURRENT EXPENSE FUND (1) The costs of operation of a county disability board established pursuant to RCW 41.26.110 (2), including the costs of medical examinations of
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PENSIONS - POLICE OFFICER - WASHINGTON LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS' AND FIREFIGHTERS' RETIREMENT SYSTEM - ELIGIBILITY A police officer who was employed by a first class city on March 1, 1970, and who was making contributions to a retirement system as provided in chapter 41.20 RCW, is entitled to have
AGO NO. 18 >
CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS - ELECTIONS - VOTING QUALIFICATIONS The recent enactment by Congress of an amendment to the Federal Voting Rights Act of 1965 which is designed to establish a nation-wide minimum voting age of 18 years for all primary or general elections held after January 1, 1970,
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OFFICES AND OFFICERS - COUNTY - CORONERS - ELECTIONS - ELIGIBILITY FOR OFFICE WHERE OWNER OR EMPLOYEE OF FUNERAL HOME OR MORTUARY (1) The provisions of chapter 259, Laws of 1969, Ex. Sess.(RCW 36.24.175) do not operate so as presently to divest incumbent county coroners of their offices if they are
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TAXATION - INDIANS - CIGARETTES - APPLICABILITY OF CIGARETTE EXCISE TAX TO SALES OF CIGARETTES ON INDIAN RESERVATIONS (1) Any retailer or purchaser of cigarettes, whether Indian or non-Indian, within the reservation boundaries of an Indian tribe over which the state has assumed full jurisdiction