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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1956 NO. 311 >
EXPENDITURE OF CURRENT EXPENSE FUNDS BY COUNTY COMMISSIONERS FOR AN IMPROVEMENT OF A COUNTY AIRPORT Current expense funds may not be expended directly for a county improvement, but may be transferred to a cumulative expense fund set up for that purpose under RCW 36.33.020.     
AGO 1956 NO. 312 >
LIENS ‑- WAREHOUSEMAN'S LIEN ‑- SALE BY SHERIFF The sheriff is not required to conduct a sale of personal property on the foreclosure of a warehouseman's lien, under chapter 60.60 RCW.                   
AGO 1956 NO. 313 >
SCHOOL DISTRICT ‑- SALE OF LAND FOR HIGHWAY PURPOSES RCW 39.33.010 (1953 Supp.) does not amend RCW 47.12.040 to require the superior court to pass on a sale by a school district to the State of Washington of property for highway purposes. A school district may convey for cash, property of a value
AGO 1956 NO. 314 >
INFORMATION ‑- JOINDER OF ACTIONS ‑- CARNAL KNOWLEDGE AND INDECENT LIBERTIES --INDICTMENT OR INFORMATION ‑- SEPARATION INTO COURTS The crime of indecent liberties may be joined with the crime of carnal knowledge in the same information as separate charges arising out of the same act.   
AGO 1956 NO. 315 >
SCHOOLS ‑- COUNTIES ‑- COUNTY BUDGETS ‑- COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ‑- COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS ‑- COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION, POWERS OF RCW 28.19.110 (§ 29, chapter 157, Laws of 1955) removes from the board of county commissioners the discretionary authority to determine the amount of funds to be
AGO 1956 NO. 316 >
ARREST AND BAIL ‑- DUTY OF SHERIFF TO SERVE WARRANT ISSUED BY COMMITTING MAGISTRATE FROM ANOTHER COUNTY WITH OR WITHOUT BAIL ENDORSED ON THE WARRANT A sheriff has the duty of serving a warrant issued by a committing magistrate sitting in another county.  If the warrant does not have the amount
AGO 1956 NO. 317 >
BEAUTY CULTURE ‑- DEFINING QUALIFICATIONS OF AN "INSTRUCTOR OPERATOR" ‑- CONSTRUING RCW 18.80.010, PARAGRAPH 12 An instructor operator is a person who is qualified and secured a license as a beauty operator and who has had one year's practice in a beauty culture shop under the supervision of either
AGO 1956 NO. 318 >
SHERIFFS ‑- FEES ‑- MILEAGE A sheriff may not, under the 13th paragraph of RCW 36.18.040, charge mileage fees for an unsuccessful attempt to serve an individual in addition to mileage fees charged on a second trip when service was successfully made.         
AGO 1956 NO. 319 >
CONTRACTS ‑- SEWAGE DISPOSAL PLANT ‑- MAINTENANCE IN LIEU OF CASH PAYMENT  The Director of Institutions in the operation of the Washington State Veterans' Home is only limited in such power by specific laws relating to the management of institutions.  We are unaware of any limitation on
AGO 1956 NO. 320 >
PUBLIC UTILITY ‑- COLLECTION OF SERVICE FEES FEES ‑- PUBLIC UTILITY ‑- COLLECTION OF ‑- REMEDY RCW 35.21.290 does not apply where an owner gives the superintendent of the public utility a notice and at the time there are no delinquent charges. If there is a delinquency and the statute is complied