Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1956 NO. 271 >
STATE OF WASHINGTON ‑- PUBLIC EMPLOYEES LABOR UNIONS ‑- PAYROLL DEDUCTIONS FOR UNION DUES It is lawful for any department of the government of the State of Washington in its discretion to deduct union dues from the wages or salary of any employee who presents it with a proper written assignment
AGO 1956 NO. 272 >
LEASES OF COUNTY LANDS 1. A county may lease lands located anywhere in the county for a period not to exceed 35 years without a provision requiring the lessee to construct buildings on the leased property, except where the property is to be used for municipal, commercial buildings, manufacturing or
AGO 1956 NO. 273 >
COUNTIES ‑- OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER ‑- PRINTING ‑- COUNTY PRINTING CONTRACT The county commissioners of a county, under the provisions of chapter 36.72 RCW, may only award the official county newspaper printing contract to one newspaper publisher within the county.       
AGO 1956 NO. 274 >
INITIATIVE PETITION SIGNATURES ‑- PUBLIC NATURE OF Signatures on initiative and referendum petitions are not public records.The secretary of state should only permit inspection of such petitions by persons authorized to attend the canvass of the names and prosecuting attorneys contemplating
AGO 1956 NO. 275 >
DRAINAGE DISTRICTS ‑- DRAINAGE DISTRICT COMMISSIONERS, POWERS OF ‑- POWER TO CONTRACT ‑- POWER TO DISPOSE OF DISTRICT PROPERTY FOR OTHER PUBLIC USE Commissioners of a drainage district organized pursuant to chapter 85.04 RCW have the power to enter into a contract with a sewer district or a city or
AGO 1956 NO. 276 >
COUNTY EXTENSION AGENTS ‑- SABBATICAL LEAVE Under the terms of the existing contract between W.S.C. and Pierce County the county lacks authority to pay directly the county's proportionate share of the county agent's annual salary while he is on sabbatical leave.       
AGO 1956 NO. 277 >
TAX SUPPORTED SCHOOLS ‑- RIGHT OF SCHOOL AUTHORITIES TO AUTHORIZE COMPLIMENTARY DISTRIBUTION OF BIBLES TO STUDENTS The board of regents of the State College of Washington may permit the Gideon Society to place Bibles in the rooms of students who request them.        
AGO 1956 NO. 278 >
SCHOOL DISTRICTS ‑- AUTHORITY TO BORROW MONEY WITHOUT VOTE OF ELECTORS The board of directors of a first class school district has authority to borrow money for the purpose of constructing a school bus garage if this can be accomplished within the framework of debt limit, budget and expenditure
AGO 1956 NO. 279 >
SCHOOL DISTRICTS ‑- PURCHASE OF SUPPLIES ‑- NECESSITY OF ADVERTISING FOR BIDS ‑- SPECIFICATIONS A first class school district calling for bids for supplies in the sum of $1000 or more may not specify an item by brand name with a "no substitution" provision.        
AGO 1956 NO. 280 >
ELECTIONS ‑- JUDGES OF THE SUPERIOR COURT When there are no more than two candidates for one judicial office, no primary is held and both names appear on the general election ballot.