Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1956 NO. 251 >
CIVIL DEFENSE ‑- COMPENSATION FOR INJURIES ‑- AUXILIARY FIREMEN  Auxiliary firemen who are registered and hold an identification card for the purpose of engaging in authorized civil defense fire‑fighting service, are eligible for compensation for injuries received, within the limits of the
AGO 1956 NO. 252 >
INSANE PERSONS ‑- DEPORTATION OF NONRESIDENT INSANE PERSONS AND RETURN OF WASHINGTON RESIDENTS CONFINED IN MENTAL INSTITUTIONS WITHOUT THE STATE. "Domiciliary residence" means domicile.  The legislature intended the 1953 act to be retrospective.  The director of public institutions may
AGO 1956 NO. 253 >
ENTITLEMENT OF COUNTY HEALTH OFFICER TO FEE FOR ATTENDANCE AT INSANITY HEARING  County health officer, being a public officer, is not entitled to fee for attendance on insanity hearing.                  
AGO 1956 NO. 254 >
SCRAP METAL COMPANIES ‑- WRECKERS ‑- JUNK DEALERS, PURCHASE BY  (1) Unlawful for scrap metal companies to purchase vehicles requiring licenses, having no title at time of sale, except from licensed auto wrecker.  (2) Same as above, where motor has been removed, unless scrap metal company
AGO 1956 NO. 255 >
FUNDS, CURRENT STATE SCHOOL, STATE GENERAL.  Abolition of the current state school fund and merger thereof with the state general fund would be unconstitutional.                      
AGO 1956 NO. 256 >
BAIL AND ARREST ‑- POLICE PROCEDURES ‑- COMPLAINTS, RIGHT OF CITY ATTORNEY TO SIGN ‑- BONDS, CHIEF OF POLICE ‑- NIGHT COURTS.  1. Bail must be set individually.2. Amount of bail may not be set by police officers.3. Prisoner may not be held without recourse to bail.4. Limitation of telephone
AGO 1956 NO. 257 >
COUNTIES; CITIES AND TOWNS; SPECIAL DISTRICTS; NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETINGS OF AGENCIES THEREOF TO THE PRESS, RADIO, AND TELEVISION. Procedural rules for the guidance of agencies of counties, cities, and towns, and special districts in notifying the press, radio, and television of special meetings in
AGO 1956 NO. 258 >
CREDIT UNIONS ‑- DECLARATION OF DIVIDENDS  Whenever a declaration of dividends is otherwise proper, credit unions must make such declaration annually or semiannually.                      
AGO 1956 NO. 259 >
TAX TITLE LANDS ‑- RIGHT TO GRANT EASEMENT OVER OR THROUGH TO NATURAL GAS LINE CORPORATION.  County commissioners have authority to sell easements over tax title property.                    
AGO 1956 NO. 260 >
WITNESS FEES ‑- NONRESIDENT WITNESSES AT CRIMINAL TRIAL ‑- FROM WHAT FUND PAID ‑- VOLUNTARY ATTENDANCE  Nonresident witnesses called to appear and testify at criminal trials under chapter 10.55 RCW receive 10 a mile to and from court, and $5.00 a day, paid from current superior court fund.