Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1956 NO. 221 >
FEDERAL SOCIAL SECURITY ‑- RETROACTIVITY ‑- POLITICAL SUBDIVISION COVERAGE.  Contributions by political subdivision employers are excise taxes and do not violate the constitutional provisions regarding increase or diminution of salary during terms of office, or payment of extra compensation
AGO 1956 NO. 222 >
PUBLIC WELFARE DEPARTMENT ‑- NURSING HOME CARE ‑- JUSTIFICATION OF RATE CHARGED FOR NURSING HOME CARE FOR RECIPIENTS OF PUBLIC ASSISTANCE AND MEDICAL INDIGENTS.  Portion of Section 13, Chapter 273, Laws of 1955 (RCW 74.09.120) requiring nursing homes to justify rates charged is constitutional
AGO 1956 NO. 223 >
TELEPHONE COMPANIES ‑- EXCHANGE AREA MAPS ‑- RIGHTS EXISTING THEREUNDER. The right arising from the filing and acceptance of an exchange area map imposes on the company, not only the right, but the obligation to serve the area embraced therein.   In the situation at Richland, that right has
AGO 1956 NO. 224 >
STATE VETERANS' BONUS ‑- FEDERAL SERVICE IN THE ARMED FORCES ‑- KOREAN WAR. Persons otherwise qualified under the state veterans' bonus act who were on full-time active duty for which they received federal compensation for the requisite number of days during the period specified by the statute are
AGO 1956 NO. 225 >
PORT DISTRICTS ‑- CONTRACTS ‑- LIQUIDATING DAMAGES ‑- WAIVER. A Port District may not waive liquidated damages for delayed performance provided for in an improvement contract unless such waiver is given in conformance with the terms of the contract.         
AGO 1956 NO. 226 >
BIBLE IN PUBLIC SCHOOL LIBRARY.  Placing Bible, in any or all of its various versions, on the reference shelves of a public school library does not violate either Article I, section 11, or Article IX, section 4, which provide, respectively, that no public property or money may be used for
AGO 1956 NO. 227 >
HEALTH ‑- X RAYS ‑- MAY INMATES OF COUNTY JAILS BE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT THERETO.  Persons shortly after their admission to either county or city jails may be required to submit to a chest X-ray having for its purpose the discovery of tuberculosis.        
AGO 1956 NO. 228 >
SALES:  DOES SALE OF PROPERTY BY VENDEE UNDER CONDITIONAL SALES CONTRACT VIOLATE PROVISIONS OF RCW 9.45.060 AND/OR RCW 9.54.070. Intent to hinder, delay, or defraud, being elements of the crime, must be proved as fully and completely as other elements to bring act of selling within prohibition
AGO 1956 NO. 229 >
PUBLIC UTILITY DISTRICTS ‑- SCHOOL DISTRICTS ‑- VALIDITY OF AGREEMENT UNDER WHICH P.U.D. COMPENSATES DISTRICT IN LIEU OF TAXES. A public utility district may enter into an agreement to compensate a school district for loss of taxes occasioned by purchase of private property within the school
AGO 1956 NO. 230 >
SCHOOL DISTRICTS ‑- ELIGIBILITY FOR SCHOOL EMERGENCY CONSTRUCTION FUNDS. The regulation of the School Emergency Construction Commission which prescribes minimum standards a school district must meet in order to be eligible for state emergency construction funds is in conflict with state law.