Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1956 NO. 201 >
CONSTITUTIONALITY OF LOANS FROM MOTOR VEHICLE FUND TO GENERAL FUND. Funds loaned from motor vehicle fund to general fund are not "used" so as to come within the restriction set forth in the 18th amendment to the Constitution of the State of Washington.      
AGO 1956 NO. 202 >
LICENSES ‑- RECIPROCITY ‑- MEDICINE AND SURGERY ‑- EQUALITY  1. To qualify for a license as a physician and surgeon, under reciprocity, it is not required that the reciprocity laws of the other state grant an identical or equal right to licensees of this state, but only that such state grant a
AGO 1956 NO. 203 >
WARRANTS, INTEREST BEARING; COUNTY HOSPITALS; BUDGETS, COUNTY HOSPITALIZATION.  Interest bearing warrants may legally be drawn upon county hospital fund provided the obligations to be met by such warrants were incurred within the limits of the appropriations as set by the county
AGO 1956 NO. 204 >
SCHOOLS, LEGALITY OF STUDENT'S ATTENDING OUTSIDE OWN DISTRICT.  RCW 28.58.230 does not prohibit free choice of a student in attending any high school in the State.  Said statute applies to schools offering secondary education.           
AGO 1956 NO. 205 >
SALARIES: DISCRIMINATION AS TO SALARIES BETWEEN SEXES PERFORMING THE SAME POLICE DUTIES.  There may be no discrimination as to salaries between men and women who perform the same duties.                  
AGO 1956 NO. 206 >
CRIMES, LARCENY, CONTRACTOR FAILING TO PAY FOR LABOR OR MATERIAL.  In a prosecution for larceny by embezzlement involving RCW 9.54.080 it is not necessary, as a requisite to the action, that the materialman file a notice of claim of lien as prescribed in RCW 60.04.020.    
AGO 1956 NO. 207 >
RETIREMENT ‑- SIMULTANEOUS COVERAGE UNDER OASI AND STATE EMPLOYEES' RETIREMENT SYSTEM.  Employees of P.U.D. No. 1 of Clallam County now covered by OASI may also become participants in the State Employees' Retirement System.            
AGO 1956 NO. 208 >
TAX COMMISSION, TAXES, PROPERTY, INTER-COUNTY [[INTERCOUNTY]]UTILITIES. The tax commission has authority to assess for property tax purposes, all the production and distribution facilities of a public utility located in separate counties where all the facilities are owned and operated by the same
AGO 1956 NO. 209 >
LIENS ‑- APPLICATION OF SEED LIEN LAW TO TENANTS.  Supplier of seed, furnished at request of tenant, does not have lien against crop grown from such seed.                        
AGO 1956 NO. 210 >
WIDOW'S PENSION ‑- JUDGES' RETIREMENT ACT. Eligibility is continuing concept ‑ continuity of marriage status for 10 consecutive years prior to retirement satisfies requirement of RCW 2.12.030.