Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1952 NO. 231 > Jan 29 1952
JUSTICE COURT DISTRICTS ‑- EFFECTIVE DATE OF ‑- NO POWER TO APPOINT JUSTICE NOW. Our conclusion is that no appointment can be made now for a justice court district, although the committee may establish a district at this time
AGO 1952 NO. 232 > Jan 30 1952
PUBLIC HOSPITAL DISTRICT ‑- DISCOUNTS BY ‑- TO DOCTORS AND NURSES. It is our conclusion that service may be given affiliated doctors and nurses by hospital districts at a lower rate than the regular charges and that special discounts may be extended to members of the clergy
AGO 1952 NO. 233 > Jan 30 1952
PROSECUTING ATTORNEYS, PRIVATE PRACTICE OF THE LAW. The prosecuting attorney of a county where he is permitted by law to engage in the private practice of law may represent a private client in a condemnation action brought by the Department of Highways involving a state highway, or appear for the
AGO 1952 NO. 234 > Feb 5 1952
APPLICATION OF REAL ESTATE SALES TAX ON STANDING TIMBER. Sales of standing timber occurring prior to September 6, 1951, are taxable as sales of real estate unless the terms of the sale required the immediate severance of the timber.  Sales made after September 6, 1951, which pass the title to
AGO 1952 NO. 235 > Feb 7 1952
BONDS OF DEPUTIES OR EMPLOYEES OF COUNTY OFFICIALS. County commissioners may require bonds of employees or deputy county officers and set the amount of the bond; such bonds should run to the State of Washington unless a specific statute requires that they run to the county, and such bonds should
AGO 1952 NO. 236 > Feb 11 1952
DUTY OF COUNTY TREASURER TO COLLECT DELINQUENT TAXES CERTIFIED BY TREASURER OF OTHER COUNTY. Where personal property which has been assessed for taxes is removed from the assessing county to another county in this state before such taxes are paid, and the treasurer of the county from which the
AGO 1952 NO. 237 > Feb 13 1952
LOCATION OF NEW STATE BUILDING. The proposed site for the state office building one block from Capitol Place is adjacent to the present Capitol grounds
AGO 1952 NO. 238 > Feb 15 1952
SOCIAL SECURITY COVERAGE FOR UNIVERSITY EMPLOYEES. Employees of the University of Washington now under the University's retirement system may not be brought under the coverage of federal social security
AGO 1952 NO. 239 > Feb 15 1952
MORTICIANS AND DEAD BODIES. The law vests no authority in morticians to supply medical schools with cadavers, even though the deceased was kinless and/or friendless
AGO 1952 NO. 240 > Feb 26 1952
RADIO BROADCASTS OF NOTICES OF LAND SALES. The land commissioner may broadcast notices of land sales not oftener than once per week for five weeks preceding the sale on any one broadcasting station, but may employ as many broadcasting stations as he may deem necessary to give adequate notice and