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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1952 NO. 241 >
INCLUSION OF SCAB, UNCLEARED OR GRAZING LANDS AND FOURTH CLASS CITY IN A WEED DISTRICT. A petition for the formation of a weed district should list the boundaries of all lands to be excluded therefrom, but not necessarily by legal description.Incorporated limits of a town should not be included
AGO 1952 NO. 242 >
MARRIAGE OF MINOR ‑- CUSTODY OF MOTHER ‑- PARENTS DIVORCED ‑- ISSUANCE OF LICENSE BY AUDITOR OVER OBJECTIONS OF MOTHER. The person having the legal custody of the minor is the only person who may validly consent to the issuance of a marriage license for such minor.      
AGO 1952 NO. 243 >
GUARDIANSHIP PROVISIONS OF CHAPTER 139, LAWS OF 1951. Administrator of Veterans Administration has no authority to control a superintendent as guardian, in his disposition of personal property, regardless of source, belonging to a patient, received by said superintendent while the patient is in his
AGO 1952 NO. 244 >
INVESTMENT OF STATE FUNDS IN MORTGAGES INSURED BY THE FEDERAL HOUSING ADMINISTRATION. The State Finance Committee may invest state funds in mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration, pursuant to Title VIII of the Federal Housing Act.         
AGO 1952 NO. 245 >
LIABILITY OF COUNTY WHICH MAINTAINS A COUNTY HOSPITAL, FOR MAINTENANCE COSTS. Under section 6, chapter 174, Laws of 1925, Ex. Sess., (Rem. Rev. Stat. 6090-6, RCW 36.62.090), it is mandatory upon a county which has a county hospital to levy a tax for the maintenance of the hospital.   
AGO 1952 NO. 246 >
MICROFILMING CONVEYANCES FOR RECORD. County auditors may not microfilm conveyances required to be recorded in well bound books.                             
AGO 1952 NO. 247 >
TAXATION ‑- REAL ESTATE SALES TAX ‑- LIABILITY OF OWNER ON SUCCESSIVE CONTRACTS OF SALE. An owner of real property is subject to payment of the real estate sales tax upon the entry of each successive contract for the sale of the same piece of real property, each such contract constituting a "sale"
AGO 1952 NO. 248 >
ELECTIONS ‑- CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- RESIDENTIAL QUALIFICATIONS OF ELECTORS OF AREA ANNEXED WITHIN THIRTY DAYS OF ELECTION. The fact that an area has been annexed to a city or town within thirty days of said city or town election does not affect residential qualifications of electors of annexed area.
AGO 1952 NO. 249 >
TAXATION ‑- REAL ESTATE SALES TAX ‑- "SELLING PRICE" FOR TRANSFER OF PROPERTY IN LIEU OF CONDEMNATION PROCEEDINGS. Where the United States Government purchases from a private owner a portion of his tract of real property in lieu of appropriating the portion in condemnation proceedings, and pays to
AGO 1952 NO. 250 >
USE OF LAKE FOR LOG STORAGE. The Pollution Control Commission may restrict or restrain the storage of logs in a lake whenever such regulation is necessary to prevent or alleviate the pollution of the waters of the lake.