Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1952 NO. 261 >
CITIES ‑- FRANCHISE ‑- WATER COMPANIES ‑- RIGHTS ON TERMINATION. Upon expiration of a franchise to operate a water company, a city may compel the company to remove its properties from the city streets.                 
AGO 1952 NO. 262 >
MINIMUM PENALTY FOR VIOLATION OF THE UNIFORM NARCOTICS ACT.  The Board of Prison Terms and Paroles may not fix a minimum term of less than ten years for offenders of the Uniform Narcotics Drug Act.                
AGO 1952 NO. 263 >
DIKING DISTRICTS ‑- COMMISSIONERS ‑- COMPENSATION INCREASE WITHIN TERM OF OFFICE ‑- ELECTION OF ‑- DECLARATIONS OF CANDIDACY ‑- FILING ‑- FEES.  (1) The increase in compensation for diking district commissioners provided by RCW 85.04.400 (chapter 30, Laws of 1951), which was approved February
AGO 1952 NO. 264 >
EXPENSES OF STATE HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER WHO HAS USED FULL NUMBER OF DAYS PERMITTED BY LAW ON PER DIEM ALLOWANCE. State highway commissioner may draw his actual expenses, even if he has used his full per diem allowance provided by law and it is proper that actual expenses incurred by him be paid even
AGO 1952 NO. 265 >
PAYMENT OF OPERATING EXPENSES OF LOCAL UTILITY DISTRICT FORMED PURSUANT TO CHAPTER 209, LAWS OF 1951. Local utility district bonds may not be issued to pay the operating expenses of such local utility district.               
AGO 1952 NO. 266 >
INCOMPATIBILITY OF OFFICE OF MAYOR AND P.U.D. MANAGER. The manager of a public utility district is eligible to be mayor of the city, even though the district does business with the city in an amount in excess of $50 a month.             
AGO 1952 NO. 267 >
SALE OF TIMBER FROM TAX TITLE LAND. Timber on land acquired by the county by foreclosure of delinquent taxes may be sold apart from the land upon which it stands, on a stumpage basis.                    
AGO 1952 NO. 268 >
THIRD CLASS SCHOOL DISTRICTS' PAYMENT OF JUST BILLS SUBSEQUENT TO FISCAL YEAR IN WHICH THEY AROSE. Legal obligations of a third class school district for supplies purchased during a fiscal year, but not paid for during such year, may be provided for in the budget for a subsequent fiscal year.
AGO 1952 NO. 269 >
AREA SUBJECT TO ANNEXATION TO A CITY PURSUANT TO CHAPTER 128, LAWS OF 1945.  1. The right of way of a state highway leading from a city, and privately owned property abutting on this highway, and a half mile from the city, are subject to annexation to the city pursuant to chapter 128, Laws of
AGO 1952 NO. 270 >
FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND EMBALMERS ‑- UNLICENSED EMPLOYEES TO DRIVE FUNERAL CARS. Since neither the funeral directors code of Washington nor protection of the public require funeral directors or embalmers, or apprentices of either, to do such acts as driving a funeral car, a person not licensed as